Learning Disabilities

Patients are supported by all our clinical staff, we offer an annual assessment for all patients with Learning Disabilities.

At this appointment you can ask any questions about your health. The GP can refer you to a specialist if it is needed/required.

A general health check will be done to make sure you are getting the best treatment and our nurses can give you easy read leaflets to help you understand the tests that you may need/require.

Your carer(s) can also get support from our team too. You will be given with an Health Action Plan that you can follow to help with your health.

Please ensure you attend the surgery for your health check when you are invited.

Learning Disabilities

You will find all the leaflets below that will explain any tests you might need, such as smear test, mammogram or bowel screening, please take a look.

NHS Health Check

Annual Health Check

For Men-Prostate

For Men-Check your Testicles

For Women-Breast Care

For Women-Cervical Screening

Bowel screening

Friends and Family Feedback Form

Friends & Family Guidance Summary